Styrofoam balls + Thumbtacks = ornamants


I saw this cutesy idea a week or so ago on Pinterest – the styrofoam balls and the thumbtacks, sitting in a cute little bowl.  I thought to myself “ahhhh what a cute easy idea”!!  I have a bowl, wooden at my house that has the wooden ones in it – love that look!

I thought this was a great idea – plus you could spray paint this any color you want – styrofoam balls … so many crafty things you could do!!

So when I started out I was like ahhhh this is very time consuming..hmmm I’m not sure I want to do a bunch of these….it’s easier to buy them.  But half way through, I was thinking this isn’t too bad really – I could get obsessed.  I suppose it isn’t any worse than sewing, needle-point, or something like that.

These could actually be fun – I’m not sure I would spray paint them…but you could – it wouldn’t be hard.  You could also buy different color tacks just as easy.  You could make patterns – so many possibilities.


Over all, not a bad project – not sure if I’ll make any more.  I happened to have some styrofoam balls – so I’m not sure the cost.  I bought the tacks from a Dollar General store, $1 a pack – I used about 3 1/2 packs.  This is something you could do to relieve stress 🙂  I actually liked using all white.

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