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I have really been loving all the cute little girl hair styles that I have been finding around the pinning world……

SO cute for Valentine’s Day!  So easy to do – you can easily add a ribbon to it!!  You just make your pony tail….flip the hair back through – divide.  You can braid or not braid – your choice!!


It’s getting a lil’ hairy :-)


Yes I know that was a little on the corny side, but that’s just how I roll….I have a very corny sense of humor 🙂

Again, Pinterest has so many cute ideas…..I feel like I have so much on my ‘to do’ list.  From recipes to crafts!!!  Now hair?  There is also a lot of make-up tricks I want to try, I mean come on…..I know I can get my eyes to look like those girls, right?!?!?

I did this cute little hair style on my daughter this weekend, we attended a birthday party – it turned out really cute!!


Then again on Sunday for church, she wanted me to do it…this time I added braides to it!!  I really think it turned out cute!!


Very easy…very simple!

French toast – muffin?


Oh yes I really do like…..LOVE both 🙂  I have actually made this before.  My son wanted some cinnamon rolls for breakfast – I didn’t have any, and I really didn’t want to make some from scratch (I actually have tried to do that yet, but Pioneer Woman has a fab one I want to try!). 

So I asked him how he would like it if I made some “french toast muffins” ??  I always add cinnamon – it’s one of his favorites!  So that is what I made.

I actaully made this not in my traditional muffin pan.  I also made a cinnamon roll ‘glaze’ to go over the top instead of syrup.  (Powder Sugar + Milk).  These were easy to make – and fun for kids.  You could easily pick these up and dip them in syrup if you wanted!

Poor eggs whites in a mixing bowl (or several eggs)

1 table spoon of vanilla

dash of milk

Cinnamon (to taste)


Bread – cut into pieces (depending on how much you are making – I used about 10 slices)

Mix eggs, vanilla, milk and cinnamon (with a fork).  Put in your bread pieces, make sure your bread is fully covered.  Put your pieces into your muffin tin – press down (not real tight).  Sprinkle extra cinnamon on top – sugar if you want…I did not do this. 

Bake at 350

Top with glaze or syrup

To make the glaze I put powder sugar into my blender and added milk – add to the consistancy that you wish – I like mine to be a little on the thick side.